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E Marlowe came to Nashville by way of Athens, Georgia, and her indie rock roots show in her unique songwriting style. She has been penning songs since age twelve, everything from hard rock to bluegrass. By the age of twenty, she had already fronted a popular all-girl rock band and played bass in a jazz ensemble, but soon realized her talent and passion was writing. She set her sights on Nashville, and began the inevitable pilgrimage to Music Row in 2001, meeting publishers and co-writers, and struggling to be heard.

“When I first started coming to town, I wasn't too familiar with country music, so I tried to emulate what I was listening to on the radio,” E recalls. “It didn't go so well.” It wasn't until years later, when hit songwriter Rick Beresford advised her to find her own voice and trust it, that everything began to click. She did just that, and soon developed a reputation for writing cool, vibey tunes that stood out from the pack. “A major Nashville producer heard one of my songs and sent me an email saying that he loved it but couldn't do a damn thing with it. He asked me for more songs, and I knew I was right on track.”

E tries to write songs that merge uncompromising artistic quality with commercial potential. So far, her diabolical plan is working! She has had several independent cuts and is also a past winner of the CMT/NSAI Song Contest. E's influences include artists Lucinda Williams, Mary Gauthier and The Carpenters, as well as writers Lisa Carver, Travis Meadows and Anthony Smith. Her co-publishing deal with RareSpark Media Group is her first, and she looks forward to greater success as her catalog is represented on Music Row and beyond. “I am thrilled to be a part of the RareSpark family,” she says. “It's a challenge to find a publisher to take a chance on a writer without a track record, so it means so much more to know that Suzanne and Scot get what I do and believe in me.”

E has lived in Nashville since 2009, and has fallen in love with her second home. She enjoys the popsicles at Las Paletas, the cocktails at the Holland House, the “Brazilbilly” at Robert's Western World, and long drives down the Natchez Trace. She collects vintage guitars, bakes a mean pie and takes orders from a herd of dogs at her East Nashville home.


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